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Good morning, my name is Carl and I am being Coached by Grace.

Driving back from Austin last night I saw a billboard. It caused me to think about the grace of God. There have been so many times when my life was in jeopardy, doctor’s saying we will not say he is going to die, but if I were you I would start making plans. There were so many times I thought this can’t be real, it must all be in my head. In reality it did affect my head. The nerve endings, the grey matter, all of it was affected. The brain fog, the medications, everything went straight to the head. It started in the head and then went everywhere else.
Think about the grace of God. Think about life itself. Find the pulse on your wrist, feel it beat. The beat is not life, but it says life dwells in this body.
Each Sunday an on-line worship has been created for people who feel shut in or as the case may be shut out. You have the opportunity to participate.  Go to the contact in the upper right hand corner of this blog and ask to join.

1. You can add your prayer thoughts/requests.
2. Scripture: Each week a scripture has been chosen by Vanderbilt School of Theology. This lectionary is prepared in advance and is totally printed out for you.
3. You can add Music, I only ask you read the weekly scripture, add music consistent with a key word or thought you have as you read.
4. Meditation:  I write a meditation. As it is presented you can reply to each paragraph of thought.
5. Closing Thoughts: At this point you can add a prayer, a piece of music, a poem, a special thought.

Last week Facebook tells us over 1500 people peeked in. If you are one of those people please stick around and add as you are comfortable.

Take care, be safe and God bless.

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