Please read all the scriptures and attempt to find one common theme.
• Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7 and Psalm 66:1-12 • 2 Kings 5:1-3, 7-15c and Psalm 111 
• 2 Timothy 2:8-15 • Luke 17:11-19

I am sorry I haven’t been around lately. I have been struggling with a lot of things. Somethings much like what you wrestle with. But today I am reminded that I am being Coached by Grace. God’s grace is not something I create. It is something that creates me. Please read the scriptures above, identify your own struggles thoughts and experiences that give you meaning and understanding.

Today is a special day. Today is in many ways just like every other day except today we reflect together on a message from God viewed from the perspective of two voices back and forth. My voice and the voice of a friend. Together we hope to open your minds to a message that speaks not just to one person but to all persons. Amen.



Everyday we turn on the television, our computers, or just sit and listen to voices. My friend and I read these scriptures and actually came up with two different themes. Amazing, free thought in action. I of course being the scholar understood the message behind the message. My friend being much simpler just said I think God wants us to come alive.
BUT I said, look at Jeremiah. Jeremiah said take care of others and they will take care of you. My friend said, that’s what I said be alive.
But I said, Naaman was a sick man. Those of us with sarcoidosis or any other long term debilitating illness understand all there is to simple words about healing. We understand how sicking the feeling is when we feel like no one is paying attention. Why should we listen? My friend said, there is a simple thought, choose to be alive.
But I said, how can we praise God when we can’t feel Him? How can we praise God when all we see seems to be ineffective. My friend said, perhaps you just need to thank God for what you do see and not worry about what you don’t see.
But I said, it seems like so few care, so few hear our cry. My friend simply said remember the story of Jesus. When it seemed like no one cared God lifted Him out of the depths of His dying and He came alive.
We are asked to come alive. Ten lepers were healed. One responded. Will you be another to respond? Will you come alive?
Coached by Grace is going to take a turn. Each week you are invited to do one caring act. To share out of your pain, out of your brokenness, and out of your desire to serve God. You are being asked to join people from many walks of life and many places in life. Like my friend said. You are being asked to come alive.

Closing song: You Come to Heal Your People

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