Thursday a day for giving thanks

It was Thursday. It was cold, it was blowing snow. The curtains were moving as wind came through the leaks in the windows. We covered some windows with blankets but the house was still cold. We sat on the sofa, covered ourselves with blankets and wondered if this is what ministry was all about. I was still in college and driving 52.8 miles one way to school each day. Because of the storm I could not make it out of town. It had been a surprise storm blowing in from the Dakota’s and western Minnesota. The snow was covered with top soil. Everything looked dreary and dingy. One day went by, the second day went by, the third, fourth and finally the fifth day. From the radio we were told the storm should let up by the weekend.

We sat there and wanted this storm to end. After the first couple of days my wife of less then a year and I started to feel depressed. Depression began to turn to frustration as we realized the snow had completely blocked the doors to the house. Was there anything that could change this downward spiral? As we thought for a while we realized that the curtains and blankets over the windows had stopped moving. The wind was still howling all around us but the snow was now piled so high against the house that the wind could not get to the windows. We determined we had at least one thing to be thankful for. In the midst of believing that this may be the only good thing we had going for us we started to make a list. We took turns to look around the rooms and tell each other stories of the various items we owned. As we told each other the stories we began to remember the people behind the gifts we had received. We remembered the electric frying pan her uncle gave us, we looked at the dining room set we bought at a garage sale and refinished, the bed we slept in was an antique bed my friend and I had bought together to re-sell. He gave us his half as a wedding gift. This moment of “thanksgiving” changed the way we lived. Now more then 38 years layer we still remember that Thursdays are special. It is a special day each week to stop and count our blessings. Thursday has become a day of giving thanks.

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