Thoughts for February 26, 2017 Fact or fiction, myth or reality?

I just read a post (on Facebook) about a man who wanted to die so his family would no longer suffer from his illness. I commented I understood his struggle. How many times had I wished, even prayed for the same experience. As a teen ager I had even planned for my own demise. Then I turned to this mornings scripture reading. Then, as if I had moved to a totally unrelated subject the words came at me from “left field.”

•    Exodus 24:12-18 
•    Psalm 2 or Psalm 99 
•    2 Peter 1:16-21 
•    Matthew 17:1-9

Beginning with Moses, Moses experiences something that would rattle anyone. He leaves his work behind him, goes to a mountain top, stays there 40 days and 40 nights.

What was this all about? God had decided to reveal something to Moses. What ever it was it apparently caused Moses to live above the mundane, to live with an over riding sense of purpose and direction.

The Psalmist picks up on this purpose, on this direction. Then after using powerful words describes the one who has ultimate authority. He/the Psalmist simple says buy into it and you will be happy you did. In fact the Psalmist goes on to tie worship to a place, the holy mountain, and you will know holiness. Happiness and holiness with the same brush stroke.

This is not a myth Peter says. In fact Peter takes the tradition, the story, and relates it to his life experience with Jesus. Peter then continues and says we can not allow this to be JUST our own thoughts, our own conclusion. It must be revealed by the Spirit. This revelation has a source outside ourselves, it is likened to a light shining in a dark place.

Matthew builds on what has been called an eyewitness experience. History, a faith history recants the connectedness of something more than a person, an ultimate reality, a person with a purpose. The story elevates us beyond the mundane of daily activities to a mystical purpose ultimately revealed through worship.

I remember the first time I wondered, the first time I questioned the value of my own life. I wondered if the world wouldn’t be a better place without me. In fact there was a night when I knelt by the edge of my bed convinced that it was so. In anger and frustration I called out to God confessing my utter resignation. I had concluded, if you were a loving God you would just take my life and let me disappear into time. I could be forgotten. That night I closed my eyes. I fell asleep believing it was over. Life was over.

The next morning I knew something had happened.  I would die if only to myself only to live with a greater sense of life. It would be a life nurtured by worship.

A quiet moment- concentrating on one solitary life.

Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him

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