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Everyday I read of extremely painful situations in other people’s lives. (we have over 7000 members in our Facebook group concerning Sarcoidosis.)

For about two months I was celebrating one of my longest “almost pain free” periods.

Then four days ago happened.  I could barely stand erect, my body was tearing away at itself. Then just as quickly as it came the pain disappeared. Yesterday the pain came back. This is the see-saw existence of a long term illness. In the case of sarcoidosis one day the pain and problems may be in one place and a different part of the body the next time.

What is the cause of all this pain?

Please take time to read the following scriptures:
•    Deuteronomy 30:15-20 or Sirach 15:15-20  •
•    Psalm 119:1-8  •
•    1 Corinthians 3:1-9  •
•    Matthew 5:21-37

At this time, seeing I was on line a friend sent me this.

A group called VERITAS singing the Doxology.

What is the cause of all this pain?

The book of Deuteronomy clearly recognizes a life of prosperity, death and adversity. Does a long term illness fall under the category of adversity?

What is the cause of all this pain?

The Biblical text puts before us words that encourage us to walk in the Lord’s way.

Veritas-The Lord’s Prayer

The Psalmist goes so far as to say we will experience a way of happiness for walking with the Lord, walking in the law, walking in the precepts, being stedfast in the statutes, being fixed on the commandments, and learning the ordinances.

Veritas-Dare You to Move

The Apostle hits closer to home when he challenges his readers to take a mature look at what is happening, not just in one’s own life, but also in the life of those in our community.

What is the cause of all this pain?

Jesus digs deeper then just actions. Jesus goes to the heart of the matter and asks us to look at the soul of life itself.

Daily I am bombarded by writers who talk about pain and illness. Solutions for this pain are found as the causes of pain are somehow discussed in all the following: our diet, runaway chemical additives in our food, the lack of accountability in the way we market health, the failure to recognize  how political the growing and manufacturing of food has become, then the creation of bigger and more scientific medical systems have become as a way to treat our bodies when all the other miracle solutions fail us.

The Apostle acknowledges the power struggles, the hidden attitudes of greed for acknowledgement and the lack of willingness to simply recognize we are “of God”.

Now how did I get all the way from “pain” to where these words are? My own walk has become a bit of a commentary in all of this. I have lived with criticism, with judgements for the choices I have made. Some of my decisions have been wrong, they have resulted in some pretty “junky” stuff to happen. Some of my decisions have been right, they have resulted in some pretty “junky” stuff to happen. What I have learned and am learning is pain has a role in my life. Without it I would not be here writing this.

Throughout these words I was drawn back to the music my friend shared with me.  The focus was drawn away from me to God. Each of the pieces of music brought recognition to God and the resulting life as a part of walking in God’s purposes. Each time I understood the power of pain to be lesser and lesser.

Veritas-Angus Dei Medley


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