Sometime life stops as quickly as it starts.

Today is Sunday October 1, a day of nurturing meditation and spirituality.

Good Morning, my name is Carl and I am being coached by Grace. It is the Grace of God that stands behind us, is to the right of us, to the left of us and opens doors before us. (if you are comfortable repeat that statement using your own name.) Please take time to prepare your mind to hear, to allow your spirit to be in tune with the SPIRIT of God.

Scripture, in what ever tradition, Scripture carries with it the idea that these are words with a special history. It is important to let them and their context stand alone. As you begin your prayer time, look at the words and see how they relate to your own life. PLEASE REMEMBER TO READ THE TEXT AS ALL THOUGHTS ARISE FROM RESPONDING TO THE SCRIPTURE TEXT. Exodus 17:1-7 and Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16 • Ezekiel 18:1-4, 25-32 and Psalm 25:1-9 • Philippians 2:1-13 • Matthew 21:23-32 –

SCRIPTURE AND PRAYER: Lord I have to laugh as I pray. I just posted the beginning of my own prayer and it disappeared. I do those things. I often fail to see my own error’s. I am so glad you allow them to disappear and then provide a cold drink of water. I have to laugh, because sometimes I take myself to seriously. (laughing) oh my goodness, what is prayer if it is not the freedom to be oneself. Israel complained and you gave them a cold drink. They rehashed life to the point of slandering your love and care and you gave them a cold drink. Thank you Lord for all the cold drinks in life. Lord there is a story, much like our own story. We have suffered. You gave us people to hold our hands. We have struggled and in the moments of darkness you gave us light. When we felt alone you keep adding people to our numbers so we cannot forget we are never alone.(this post is originally intended for a group that started here, moved to Facebook then back here. The specific group is over 8000 readers, with other groups, now over 10,000 people.)

The Psalmist reflects on life as it has been so we might reflect on how it is. There is a stream that makes glad the city of God. There is a thought, a memory that brings laughter to the soul. Amen and amen Lord. Lord there are times when I argue against your wisdom. I wonder why you just don’t destroy all evil. Why can’t you just snap the proverbial finger and all sickness will be over. Why can’t you just take all the bombs in the world, disintegrate them. Let us be awestruck by this awesome action. Ezekiel quotes your rebuttal, turn around is fair play you say. You say turn away from the little things that destroy my purpose for you. You counter our words and tell us to seek justice, to seek righteousness. Get a new heart, get a new spirit. You say I love you as we turn and tell you how you should love us. We will accept your love on these conditions. OOPS. I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that Lord. I am sorry please forgive me.

Lord the Psalmist reminds me his trust is in you. The psalmist tells us walking in your ways is trusting. It is the freedom to accept your actions as a gift of direction. You, your mercy saves us from our past. You, your mercies save us from our future. You are the savior giving deliverance and instruction. Thank you.

Paul the Apostle then tells us it is in the person of Jesus we can understand your ambitions for us, for our society. Ours is a society of sick people. We have been bombarded by the illness that came in from left field. It has cut us short from the hopes we have, yet we are now told there is another chance. In allowing ourselves to die to our own hopes and aspirations you say we will live in a loftier way. You say Jesus shows us the way, you say look at the history of him as a person. You say you will do a good and pleasurable way of life for us. (laughing) I understand that. We all understand that. And now give us the sensibility to drop the walls and barriers that would keep us from having you flow through us. (hymmm-) Lord as I continue to read the words of scripture and the words of the people in this group I hear the genuineness that Jesus speaks of. He knows we can be saved from this destruction. He wants us saved from this destruction and then he wants us to walk the halls of the proverbial kingdom that reigns for ever. AMEN.

MUSIC: please add your own choice of music expressing your story.

MEDITATION: Sometime life stops as quickly as it starts.

Sometime life stops as quickly as it starts. Each meditation arises out of the time spent in prayer and reading of the morning and weekly scripture. Please understand these are reflective thoughts. As each week goes by I am learning so much about this whole “life” called grace. The prayer started this morning about thoughts I can no longer remember. They were words that arose out of reading the scripture. Then I wrote, wrote and continued to write. It was as if my soul was emptying of all the “why” questions I struggled with. Then they were gone. Where did they go? Will they stay gone or will they as mysteriously as they disappeared-reappear?


Time, it is now 12:00. The magic moment when “worship” so often stops for many. So these words stop as well. May God bless you, may you know the presence of God’s Spirit in your life, may your walk be that which transcends all you could hope for, just as God has wished you would experience the life of Jesus. Go now and live it.

Closing thought: On Eagle’s Wings- Boost Post

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