Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 and Psalm 8 • Romans 5:1-5 • John 16:12-15

An afternoon prayer. This morning Lord I went to a worship service that was definitely designed for seniors. It was delightful. Thank you for the bell choir. Thank you for the pianist who played a medley of songs that sang out from the piano. Thank you for the choir who sang allowing every word to be understood. There was no doubt this was a gathering of believers. The congregation sang with a sense of robust declaration. No one knew I was paying attention. They were not there to entertain me, they were there to include me in their time of praise. The lady leading the prayer invited us to bow before you oh God, to know your willingness to allow us into your presence, then to ask us for your help to be your servants. Thank you that a very familiar piece of scripture once again gave a new thought and a new challenge. Thank you Lord that as I left this time of worship your spirit of worship did not leave me. Amen.

A Hymn to focus with: Great God, We sing that Mighty Hand

Each generation brings their worship to God. Simple thoughts find their rebirth in simple concepts. From the beginning of time wisdom was in creation. I remember a conversation I had with my son. We were talking and he made some comments about how generations of people seem to be at odds with each other. It seemed that each generation perceived they hand a handle on what true wisdom was. As we talked we challenged each other. The conversation slowly moved to a different tone as we began comparing notes and saying what each thought meant. Instead of defining what was right and wrong we moved to understanding a different nuance, a different generational emphasis to each concept. It seemed that the both of us were reacting/responding to each other. As we discussed worship the truth of how the pipe organ was replaced by the electric organ, the electric organ was replaced by the electric piano and both were replaced by the guitar, guitars were embellished by worship teams and often choirs were left adrift and forgotten. It was my perception that each has something to add to worship. The heart of those worshipping must be considered. Then the wisdom of each expression could be known. The Biblical text draws attention not to the elements of creation but rather the power of wisdom itself to bring meaning and life to creation.

A child’s song speaks to the power of wisdom to give this meaningful life.

The following slide show reveals how wisdom has become a guide to people of many philosophies and walks of life.…/topi…/top_10_wisdom_quotes.html

As a teenager I struggled with many issues of life. I had no answers, worse yet I had no power to deliver myself from the lack of wisdom. When I reached the end of my rope I found myself turning to the Bible. I opened it and started reading from Proverbs. It was there I was introduced to a depth of life that was foreign to me. As I searched I was led to many new understandings, even more so, I was given the freedom to let wisdom reveal itself to me. An excitement about life began to generate within me. That night as I contemplated these words I simply prayed, tonight I die. If there is to be any good come out of my life oh God, may your wisdom find it’s place in my heart. May you live through me.

Perhaps my prayer reflects what wisdom seeks to do for all of us. It seeks to deliver us to open ourselves beyond ourselves. It seeks to say there is a bigger world out there and it is our option to close our minds to it or open our minds to a wisdom that comes from God.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord’s wisdom be your guide, may the wisdom from above raise you above the struggles of life. Amen.

As I began to search for the right piece of music to end these thoughts my search moved from wisdom to vision. Whether it was in secular music or religious music the jump to vision was natural. Please allow wisdom and vision to nurture your direction. Please allow wisdom and vision to light your path.

Closing Music: Perfect Wisdom of our God

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