People who need people are the luckiest people…

The church needs to readdress its partnership with communities all around them. One way to do so is to participate in: Question 1, Developing a Good Neighbor Policy – No Strings Attached.

People who need people are the luckiest people… Where and when have you experienced that type of moment? The United Church at Mapleton is made up of people with strong perspectives. One of the things that I have come to understand from these people is that strong perspectives are necessary in order to make sense out of this ongoing societal malaise. Truth is often discovered not in the middle, but in dialog. It is true that the middle often allows people to exist in safety, but strong perspectives are like the spice of life. They are the roots of storytelling and moments of resolve. It is this type of perspective that affirms the value of the following exercise.

Question #1: Who are the people in your life or community who are significant leaders, people you can trust, people who live by a set of values that help nurture community? These are the people who you can partner with and should be partnered with in whatever it is you are beginning to develop. These leaders may be in your neighborhood, they may be in the larger community, they may be in your town, city, county or state. They are the leaders who influence the work and the community you want to live in. The issue here is that if you are choosing to build a program in your community, you will need to know how to collaborate with people in your community. List seven such people, then tell a story of how they communicated this perspective to you, then list the value this story represents to you. Click here to view the entry form.

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