Old Goals often inspire new goals: Go for it!

Today is a very special day for me. Today I share a birthday with my brother. We have turned 61. I never thought this day would come. Because of all the illness over the years it just never crossed my mind that 61 was possible. Then over this last year somewhere along the line it crossed my mind that I don’t seem to be dying. In fact I seem to be getting stronger. I know there are many things that will need to be done to continue this. I have successfully lost the 30 pounds I had set as a goal. Now I am creating a new goal. I want to lose 1225 pounds in 12 months.

This is my plan.

1. I will personally lose another 30 pounds.

2. For each pound lost I will donate $1 to a specific charitable cause.

3. I will invite others to join me.

4. Each person will decide if they want to lose a pound, maintain weight loss or want to set a goal of doing something significant about creating a healthy lifestyle.

5. Again each person will be asked to donate $ to the charity of their choice based on the goal that has been created.

6. I will add all the attained goals together with the desire of reaching the number 1225.

7. I will then invite each person to talk about this on the My Program page on Facebook.

Hopefully we will be able to be nurturing and supportive to each other. At the end of this process the 1225 will represent a number of things. 1 weight loss. 2 lives changed. 3 money donated to charity.

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