Oh really?!

Perhaps you have never felt like this: “God, look at us, aren’t you upset? Look at the way the world has become-doesn’t this bother you? Aren’t you offended by what you see? Why don’t you get involved and stop what is happening? I thought you cared! Please stop ignoring us! Please reach down and do what you have to do to make it right!”

This is the attitude of the prophet Isaiah in chapter 63. As I read his words I knew them to be my own words.

How much of the Bible has its own application and can only be used in that context? How much of the Bible has an application that can be reinterpreted into our own lives?

Let’s take a look at the world the way it really is. That statement seems to roll off the tongue very easily. Let’s take a look at the world the way it REALLY is. The word REALLY becomes the telling word.

I have enjoyed talking to people from all over the world on Facebook, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, various parts of Africa, a number of places in South America, people in Scotland, England, parts of Europe, Canada and the United States. Two messages come across; the first is a message of joy, so many people express gratefulness for an opportunity to talk together, the second is a troubling message about the instability of the world we are all part of. The Internet, Facebook, and specific Internet sites have brought the ability to see how many commonalities can be found in the global community.

How then can we echo the prayer of Isaiah, Isaiah wants God to look down from heaven with compassion and love. Isaiah wants God’s holiness and power to be honored. Isaiah wants God to open the sky and come down and do what is necessary.

If God actually did open the skys which of us would still be standing? Which country, which group of people would find favor in God’s eyes? Which group of people would God condemn?

Further in the reading Isaiah compares us to clay. God is the potter who created us so please don’t hold our sins and imperfections against us. God responds by saying but I tried. I called to you and I was ignored.

This dialogue between God and the Prophet continues. I find it fascinating. As I take a look at the world for the way it REALLY is I am convinced we need a powerful dose of grace. Project 1225, the Christmas that keeps on giving is but a scratch on the surface of how much grace is needed. Please take time today to think graciously about your own life, about the blessings you have received and the blessing you can be in the lives of others. Think graciously about those who have been a part of your life and how they have been special to you, not only giving you life but as they have given new meaning in your life. As you pray to God, as you seek out God, as you ask God to open the heavens, know that God wants to love you, know that God wants you to love others as well.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord make his face to shine upon you and give you peace. Amen.

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