My Program

My Program is intended for those who seek to take ownership for their own lives on a daily basis.

A person struggling with their own addictions would have trouble tabulating time spent wrestling with all the issues of life brought on because of addictions. It could be said people have spent their time in the “school of hard knocks.” They would easily qualify for an “earned”  bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or even a Ph.D in surviving. In essence, each person becomes addicted to a recovery system that appears like a revolving door leading to yet another hallway of life.   Drugs, alcohol, pornography, prostitution, criminal behavior, lying are all a part of this endless trail of destruction. Treatment centers, group sessions, therapy sessions, counselors and other helping processes often become a part of that life. My Program recognizes these life situations and resulting behaviors as not being unique to only certain persons. In fact, my program recognizes that people need a place to go when “the place to go” may not be an option. My Program is an invitation for people to learn how to build their lives using a contract and bonus process. This contracting and bonus process has now been used for over 24 years and is being borrowed and reshaped by programs around the world. God bless you as you say, it is time for MY PROGRAM to work for me.