Meditation for July 16, 2017

Opening: My name is Carl and I am being Coached by Grace.
It is the Grace of God that stands behind us, is to the right of us, to the left of us and opens doors before us. (if you are comfortable repeat that statement using your own name.)

From Focus To Vision

Be Thou My Vision

Thy Word Maranatha Singers

Thy Word Michael W Smith and Amy Grant

• Genesis 25:19-34 and Psalm 119:105-112  •
• Isaiah 55:10-13 and Psalm 65:(1-8), 9-13  •
• Romans 8:1-11  •
• Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Prayer: (as you read the scripture write down the words of prayer that come to you.)

Lord help us to value what has been placed in our responsibility.

Lord help us to understand when we make decisions based on living in our comfort zone. Help us to understand there are times when living in our comfort zone is your will, then there are times when our comfort zone reflects active rebellion to your will.

Lord there are so many things we do, we often fail to recognize it was You who prompted us, gave us the strength to accomplish and your Spirit to bless the results. Thank you.

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A sharing of prayer and scripture:  (this is a 46 minute video)

The Servant Song .

Just a Closer Walk With Thee


I began this morning about 6 a.m. It was a simple task in front of me. Read the Scripture, select some music, say a prayer or two, share some closing thoughts and go to lunch.

laughing…. hahaha, ya sure said Ole to Sven.

What a morning, introspection, prayer, confession, searching,

Focusing on Vision…what is your vision for your life? What is so great that this vision pulls you through whatever “muck and mire” that holds you back. Close your eyes what do you see?

The doctor walked into the room, took the clipboard from the other doctor’s hand. The first doctor explains to the patient this is Dr…… He is the leading Dr. in research concerning the symptoms you are experiencing. He WILL get to the bottom of this. Within seconds the second Doctor in a whisper that could be heard down the hall said this guy is dying! I have never seen this before. Where did you find him?

The patient, laying in bed continued his singing, his whistling. The nurse saying, he’s crazy! Then the patient’s wife walked in – no he is not crazy, the rest of us are she said. It is his way of knowing it is time to move on. He has a new project to start.

Vision, what is your vision?

When you stand on the edge of the cliff you look out, what do you see? An expanse that seems to go on forever. You pull up a stool, you look into the microscope what do you see? In each case your vision is altered in such a way a new focus happens. Your vision has been stretched, your focus is altered in a way you will never be the same.

You have a disease. It is called unknowable. It is called incurable. It is just one of many such diseases. It is possible it may be defeated but how will that change your vision. What vision pulls you through the dying and the living?

Rebekah (in Genesis) seeking an alternative way enabled her son to discover a birthright that no one would have ever thought possible. The Psalmist understood the value of a living word that exists beyond the ink on the page, or the sound in the voice. Isaiah understood the power of a promise. The Apostle Paul talks about the power of God to be eternal, to be immense. Ultimately Jesus takes the vision and gives it a story.

Tell me your story. Tell me the story that tells the world the power of your vision.


Concluding thoughts:

Majesty:- Hayli Lindgren

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