Making Today Count: The stress buster!

Stress, crisis, and transition seem to be affecting everyone today.

Making Today Count is the tool to use. Each person identifies what the stress is. Each person then says this is what I think I need to do. Each person then says when I have accomplished addressing this task this is what my life will look like.

The emphasis is not always on making the right decision. It is about empowering people to begin to build on their own capabilities.

It is our understanding that over 1 million people a day are now using this format of contracting and bonusing. Making Today Count arises out of the success of many people would have used the contract and bonus process over the last 22 years. Agency staff and individual persons have asked how can I continue to do this on my own? I want to continue using this type of tool. It helps me to clarify where I am, where I need to be, and how to get there.

The contract and bonus process began with a contract, specific categories to be addressed, a contracting partner, and a $15 bonus given at the creation of the contract. Other agencies began inquiring about this process. What if there wasn’t $15 to pay out. Agencies were encouraged to start contracting with people and say to them “when we have money, if you are here to contract, then you will be the next person to start the bonus process with your contract.” It worked. The $15 used as a bonus became a double incentive. For people who didn’t have it they wanted it. For those who had it, they developed a desire to keep getting it.

You are now invited to look at Making Today Count. I invite you as a staff person to look at the contract, to experiment with it, get a feel for it, gather an understanding as to how the contract would work for you and others you are with.

Take time to look at the contract and bonus concept used with the $15. Take time to look at the book entitled the back door an experiment or an alternative. Take time to look at the handbook on contract and bonus.

If you believe this is a tool you want to use contact us for further information and get signed up now!

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