Let’s try an exercise, it is called…

Imagine for a moment it’s bedtime. You lay down, put your head on the pillow, close your eyes, and nothing happens. You are in silence, there are no thoughts in your mind, but sleep does not come.

It isn’t long before you start asking yourself questions. One question and then another comes to your mind but each question is irrelevant. You are ready to go to sleep, but, sleep does not come.

What’s this all about? Today must have counted for something – but what?

Let’s try an exercise: it is called MAKING TODAY COUNT. Tomorrow morning, or if there is yet time today try this.

Identify what seems to be the most urgent need you have for the remaining part of this day. If you accept your own challenge and decide to tackle it identify what you want the results to look like. Put a picture of the finish “product” in your mind.

Identify a person who you can talk with and then talk about this challenge. Don’t spend more than 20 or maybe 30 minutes discussing it.

Then ask yourself, what motivates you? Ask yourself what you could do for yourself today that encourages you to accept your challenge. Write that down. Attempt to take care of yourself so that it nurtures you and generates energy for you. Make an appointment with yourself to do both your challenge and the time to do something for yourself.

Create a series of steps to accomplish your task.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3……
Attempt to simplify the task and accomplish it in about six or seven steps.

Then tonight ask yourself, did today count? If you succeeded you can go to sleep knowing that today counted. If you tried and failed you can still go to sleep knowing that you are one day closer to accomplishing the challenge that you did not run from.

Good night and God bless.

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