Leaders 1225

I am especially excited about our new project called “Coached by Grace.”

It is the culmination of 46 yrs of serving the Lord throughout Canada and the Continental US? I am Rev. Carl DeLine If you don’t know me please click here for Carl’s Info Page.

I’m contacting you to introduce Project 1225, the Christmas that keeps on giving. To make this program successful we would like to share our ideas and enlist your participation.

My question? “Is there a possibility to share this program with your people?” “We’re looking for one or two people to represent your congregation over the next 12 months. It is our desire to see how these concepts could work and how this process can be supportive to your ministry.”

“Will you work with us on this project?”

1. Say yes to participating in Project 1225, the Christmas that keeps on giving. Please read the contract commitment.

2. Click on the link on the bottom of the above page. This will take you to Coached by Grace on Facebook.

3. Sign up to participate by clicking on the LIKE button at the top of the Coached by Grace page on Facebook.

4. Then take time to make a personal submission once a month about how you were able to celebrate because of the Christmas spirit. At the end of 12 months you will be asked to look at your 12 submissions and talk with the group about the positive aspects and influences of the time spent.

5. Throughout the twelve month commitment each person will be invited to participate in a weekly phone conference. Each person who participates will be invited to share at least once a month. They will have the opportunity to listen to and talk with others about how this type of self contract process has been beneficial.

Again, thank you for your time concerning this matter. If you want further information please contact us at: Contact Coached by Grace.