Jan. 15, 2017 A Meditation

A lot of promises are being made these days with allusions to God as if God stands for the greed and divisions among the global community. Wars and power plays are justified. Wealth keeps getting hoarded and redistributed in a way that does not honor people as being either worthy or intelligent enough to make their own decisions. Global conservatives and global liberals each justify their right to define what society should look like and how society should be lived out. I remember in the 60’s the voices of protest were often expressed in song.

Here are a few of those sounds:

The Sound of Silence

In the ghetto

Who Will Answer

Have we learned from our past? Are we about to live again a past that says stop!  I am dead, why are you calling me from the grave?

Please read the following Scripture:
    •    Isaiah 49:1-7  •
    •    Psalm 40:1-11  •
    •    1 Corinthians 1:1-9  •
    •    John 1:29-42

Isaiah’s words are not shy, The Lord called the prophet.

These words were not accidental. He made words to be sharp, to be like a polished arrow. These words reveal the very nature of God. The image of God cannot be limited to a “gimme” attitude that so often prevails. Indeed as God is understood the very nature of God reveals a redemptive calling for all humanity. Here then comes a twist. Each individual like the prophet, like the Psalmist, like the Apostle, like Jesus Himself personifies all the people. This is not about the piety of individuals. It is, as the Psalmist says about a new song. It is about words, laws, written in the heart. It is about deliverance, it is about the faithfulness of God. God is stedfast and faithful to the congregation, to “all of us!” There is not an ambivalence to a winner take all scenario. There is a desire that spirituality acknowledges the human frailty. Spirituality acknowledges the destructive nature of people when God is not at the center.

People are called to a relationship, an awareness, an understanding that in the perfect nature of God is a way of life for all people to live in harmony. When this way of life fails it is God who then provides a way to recognize how this brokenness exists. The word sin is used to describe it. The voice of one who is “outside the box” (John the Baptist) is then used to illustrate the tearing down of walls that justify ignorance and profiling idiotic justifications.

There is one conclusion provided.  Human purpose is then understood in reference to an understanding of the nature of God and not the self centeredness of people.

Again I turn to music to help understand this calling.

I the Lord of Sea and Sky (read the words as you listen)

Make me a Channel of Your Peace

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