It’s Monday…today is a day of praise!

It is Monday. It is a special time for giving praise.

It is a time to know that even when things seem upside down progress can still be made.

It is a time to understand the technology that is so often relied on may not work THE BEST. It may be more beneficial to go back to an “old fashioned way” to discover a sense of focus and direction.

Today is Monday. It is a day of praise.

It is a day to remember there is a Source of Life way beyond ourselves. IT includes us. IT can not be explained. To try to do so would be to lessen IT’S power. IT is something to be experienced. IT is to be shared. ┬áIn your moment of savoring this reality please take a hug and pass IT on.



P.S. Thank you to my friends on Facebook who so readily share their photos and thoughts.

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