Go Vikings Go!

I have been a moderate sports fan all my life. I have been to two Viking games, three Twins games, watched my son play hockey and still enjoy shooting a game of hoops. I rode a horse when I worked on a ranch for one summer. I glance at the sports page two or three times a month. I FIRMLY believe if the Vikings left Minnesota there would be a hole in the tapestry of life for Minnesota. Lately however my emotions are starting to come to a boil. As I listen to the political rhetoric all around me I am convinced it is time for the moderates like me to SHOUT from the rooftops that enough is enough. Pundits on the right and on the left, conservatives and liberals, republicans or democrats, what does it matter? It seems the air waves are full of so much gibberish that truth is lost and the good of the community has become the proverbial football being kicked all over the place. We have excelled in building educational and medical facilities to the point that we are now at war with ourselves as to who or what our allegiance is owed. Our religious institutions line up behind whichever corporate or economic structure is willing to support the charitable cause for this month.

I believe economics are such that if the Vikings left Minnesota some other group of people would find a way to bring football back to Minnesota. Remember the Twins used to be the Senators. (Just an aside, maybe the Timberwolves would become winners if they traded names with L.A.)

The economics that govern this state can no longer be identified as either capitalism or socialism. It is time to clarify that we are a state in transition, a transition that is about to blow up in our faces.

Today politicians are meeting at the Capital to discuss important issues about life in Minnesota. The morning news ran a story about the pressure being felt around the Vikings. What if we lose them? Both sides continue to question if the politicians have their priorities correct. Don’t they get it? Time is getting away from us!

I would suggest that critics on both sides are right to raise questions. Identifiable priorities are needed to bring meaningful governance and stability to our economy and to our state. This state is in a runaway-state-of-mind.

The mantra we continue to hear is “GO VIKINGS GO!”  It is time to decide what that means. No Mr. Commissioner, one more year with the status quo will not kill us. One more year without balancing our priorities will dig us deeper into an irreversible pit. Will the Vikings move on or will they take the time to be a part of a greater over all solution for Minnesota? I join in the chorus, “Go Vikings GO!”

Go somewhere else or go be a part of the leadership to make Minnesota a better place to be.

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