Fresh Start!

Over the last 30 days I have been talking about change. There has been a running dialogue on facebook with some friends. Change has dealt with not just cancer but the ramifications of having it and then having it successfully removed. Then, an incident with some nerve difficulty in the neck and upper spine area, again causing me to remember 2007 and the disc surgery which while very successful caused a great deal of pain. Along with this came specific realities that my work will have to change. Coached by Grace will now reach out to the general public instead of targeting just nonprofits. Then there is the incident while maybe seeming quite small to many was something big for me. As the 30 days ticked away I got to day 18 and was confronted with a lifelong dream. I have always wanted to at least try growing a beard. For multiple reasons that has never happened. Now, due to forced shutdown time and the nerve pain as I tried to shave I found myself growing a beard without trying. On day 18 I was forced to make a decision. I could finally shave but would I. I gave myself permission to consider as many questions as I could about life changes. Did I really want to do any of these changes? I made the decision to wait. I will make the decision at the end of 30 days. Carl, do not do anything until the 30 days are up. So here I am. These are the changes I am making.

1. Let the beard grow. Enjoy it until I do not enjoy it anymore.
2. Rework the web sight including an emphasis on coaching, training/workshop, group sessions and a new marketing plan.
3. Use the social network process as a potential springboard.

here I go….

Please share this video with a friend. (CLICK HERE) It is my story of change and the introduction of a new direction for me and the work I am doing.

One thought on “Fresh Start!

  1. Big change for you. Appealing presentation. I know it will go well as you extend yourself and expand your reach.

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