Faith Based Programs

Over the years I have lived with feelings of conflict over religious programming. It often seemed that those needing help were not easily accepted. Mission statements talked about being agents of God’s love and then created a list of difficult expectations for people to meet. I am not opposed to expectations. I am opposed to the idea when expectations are used as screening mechanisms. When people need help they do not need barriers. It is important to say that the church is not alone when it comes to creating barriers. Many non-faith-based programs find themselves in the same boat.

The social welfare system finds itself in a difficult space as well. It has to live up to the expectations by funders and government mandates. On top of that, the system has now been around long enough that many people have developed long term dependency problems. Will these people ever take ownership for their own lives? That is why this site emphasizes the contract and bonus concepts for individuals and social entrepreneurship for agencies.

It is my goal to start listing programs that live with these principles. Their names and contact information will be made available in this directory.

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