Day one, Week eighteen, Year 2017

A Meditation
In the last few months a group of us have been experimenting with words. Last Sunday some of that came together. We have been creating an online Worship Experience.

While in Seminary an Old Testament Professor spoke on the North American need to rationalize and explain something. Last Sunday we experienced something that cannot be explained. There was a buzzing like process as people texted and chatted on line. It was pretty much non stop.

Then it was over. It was as if a candle had been lit inside the computer and all participating sat in awe. They had experienced something never meant to be explained. It was an event. Never to be captured, only to be allowed to exist as a moment in time.

Many years ago I was invited to speak at a church in Calgary. I arrived early as I usually do. When I got there all the parking had been taken. I went into the sanctuary believing I had been in error. The Pastor met me, greeted me and explained I was early. Worship was still 45 minutes away.

We talked. It was explained to me that the man at the piano was a seeker. He played piano professionally. People would go to him and ask him to play music from a hymnal. He knew nothing, but then chose to learn. He came to this congregation and asked if he could play for an hour before worship each Sunday. He started. Sunday after Sunday people talked about the pre-worship piano concert. It was not long before the sanctuary was full and people sat in silence. Sunday after Sunday, week after week God visited this man at the piano. He played. He sought God. He desired to know the God of the hymns. There at the piano God met him. I spoke that morning. I simply thanked the church for the opportunity to be a part of the special event and asked if the man could continue playing. He did.

That week I got phone calls from churches all over Calgary. Could I come and do what I did there. I had to say no because all I did was to join worship already in progress. Worship is about people bringing their hearts to God. Even on line God hears, God moves. God responds.

I leave my thoughts, my words there. There is no need to explain. God is beyond whatever I may try to say.

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