Contracts and bonuses


Twenty-one years after conceiving the idea, the use of contract and bonuses is stronger than ever. What started with street youth in Calgary, Canada has now spread to helping kids in transition, youth on probation, women in violent environments, families in transition, university students, immigrants struggling with language barriers, and others living in the depths of poverty.

Thousands of people have been asked to enter into a series of contracts, each of which has become a statement identifying a task that needs to be worked on. After the task is identified, each person then discusses this contract with a community-based staff member or volunteer person. This discussion helps to clarify the new direction being chosen. Clear thoughts and manageable steps become the focus of this process.


A bonus is then given to the person creating the contract. Historically the bonus has been $15, which has been offered for up to eight times in a month and one hundred times in twelve months. The bonus supports the decision making process, and the combination of the contract and bonus gives an opportunity for people to begin believing in themselves.

Most times people contracting do not understand where this contract may lead them, but over time the bonus supports the contracting process. In time, after utilizing this process, people are surprised to see how many times they actually accomplish the desired task.

See others who have experienced the surprising results after using the contract and bonus tools.

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