Confirmation: Assignment #6

Confirming the Faith: The Church

1. Take time to write down random thoughts about the church. Ask as many questions as you can about the church and write down your own answers.

2. Go to a concordance, there are approximately 100 times the word ‘church’ is listed. Write down what you understand the church is.

3. From memory list as many activities as you can that your church is involved in.

4. How many of your friends attend some form of church? Try to make a list of what church they attend.

5. Make a list of as many church offices or leadership roles there are in your church.

6. List as many of your relatives as you can that attend some form of church and what church they attend.

7. We often say ‘we are going to church’ when we mean we are going to worship. Describe from memory what ‘parts’ make up your worship service.

8. Interview a board member and ask them questions about what church means to them.

9. Interview a family member and ask them questions about what church means to them.

10. Sit down with a partner and explain this assignment to them. Explain what your answers are to your partner. Write down your partners response.

To complete your sixth assignment submit your answers here: Worksheet.


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