Confirmation: Assignment #4

Confirming the Faith: Jesus  At the center of the Christian faith is the person of Jesus Christ. This lesson will help you understand who Jesus is and where in the Bible you can go to find out about Jesus.

1. The world is facing a lot of controversy. Religion is often blamed for wars and people who want to control the world. Who do you think Jesus is and what does Jesus want the world to be like? (minimum 200 words)

2. Make a list of words that reflect what you think people believe about Jesus.

3. List the books of the Bible that tell the story of Jesus life?

4. In what part of the Bible does a person find out about the stories concerning the childhood of Jesus?

5. List as many stories about the miracles that Jesus did as you can in the 4 Gospels?

6. Find the Sermon on the Mount, tell where you found it, and outline the Bible text where you find the Sermon on the Mount. (minimum 200 words)

7. List the parables of Jesus and tell what a parable is?

8. Tell what your favorite story about Jesus is and why?

9. Tell where in the Bible you learn about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Then write the story in your own words. (minimum 200 words)

10. Sit down with a partner and explain this assignment to them. Explain what your answers are to your partner. Write down your partners response.

To complete your fourth assignment submit your answers here: Worksheet.


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