Confirmation: Assignment #3

Confirming the Faith: God

1. Take time to walk around your community or neighborhood. Think hard as you look around your community, (school, work, town, friends). What can you believe about God because of what you see? (for instance: You see a church building, what comes to mind? What do you think about God? You see a park or a playground, do these cause you to reflect about God or think that God cares about more than religion? You hear some music, you see an animal running free, you see a sunrise-a sunset, what comes to mind about God? (minimum 200 words)

2. Make a list of words that reflect what you think people believe about God.

You are at the point in your life where many conflicting thoughts are being given to you. Education, media, friends all represent varying ideas and attitudes about God.  Answer the following questions (3-8). Start each answer with one of the possible starts:

  • I believe
  • I do not believe
  • I am not sure what what I believe

3. Does God exist?

4. What is monotheism?

5. What is polytheism?

6. What is pantheism?

7. What is atheism?

8. What is agnosticism?

9. Name as many world religions as possible and what they teach about who/what God is. (minimum 200 words)

10. Sit down with a partner and explain this assignment to them. Explain what your answers are to your partner. Write down your partners response.

To complete your third assignment submit your answers here: Worksheet.

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