Confirmation: Assignment #2

Confirming the Faith: The Bible

Interview a member of the Deacon/Diaconate Board in a church and ask them how important the Bible is in their life and the life of the church.

Interview a member of the Christian Education Board or a Sunday School teacher/worker and ask them what they think are the important teachings in the Bible and what their favorite passage of the Bible is.

Interview a member of the Trustee Board. Ask this person what they think are the most important business values in the Bible. Ask this person to define what Biblical ethics are.

Complete the following sentences:

The Bible is made up of the ______ and _______ Testaments.
There are five books of Law in the Old Testament; they are: _______.
There are twelve books of Old Testament history; they are: _______.
There are five books of poetry in the Old Testament; they are: _______.
Name the major prophets in the Old Testament.
Name the minor prophets the Old Testament.
What is a Gospel?
Name the Gospels included in the New Testament.
Who is the person the Gospels are written about?
List the letters written by the Apostle Paul.
What is the book of Acts about?
List the remaining New Testament letters and their authors.
There is one book in the New Testament that talks about the end of the world as we know it. Which book is that?

To complete your second assignment submit your answers here: Worksheet.

7 thoughts on “Confirmation: Assignment #2

  1. could be some interesting responses from leadership, however, using the interview process with leaders and then doing research, will allow the student to begin to develop as a spiritual leader. It is the Lord’s church and the expectation is for leaders to have grown in their faith. I like what you have put together here. It is easy to follow.

  2. Carl-Everything looks great to me. I think the students will gain great knowledge about their church and the Bible. Love it all.

  3. I was able to access everything and was able to move around easily in the program. I really liked the interview part of the assignment. I think connecting with people is important!

  4. Great stuff.

    What if you have each student identify a question that has confounded them (dinosaurs, UFO’s, life on other planets, divorce, etc.), and have them use the Bible to come up with a Biblically-based response to their question? Using the Bible to answer life’s toughest questions equips students for life.

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