Confirmation: Assignment #10

Confirming the Faith: Sin

The purpose of this discussion is to talk about sin.

What is sin? What relevance does this question have since our society seems to think that sin and the discussion of sin is better left alone?

The Bible does not ignore the subject of sin. The Bible says the Lord is compassionate, gracious, and slow to anger. The Lord abounds in love and seeks to forgive sin. It also says that sin has a way of happening in one generation in such a way that it affects the next generation (Exodus 34 :6–7).

The Bible also says the person who confesses sin will know the forgiveness of sin (Psalm 32:1–5).

I have been in many conversations about sin. In this study you are being asked to look at yourself and what you believe about sin. You are then asked to write your thoughts down.

1. Read Romans 3:23 then write it down in the space provided. Out of your life experience write what you think sin is. Include in your words how a person may define sin as it concerns your brain–mind/thinking, planning process, your heart–emotions/feelings, and your hands–bodily actions/what you physically commit yourself to do, and your spirit–that part of you that seeks to know and serve God.

2. Read The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17). Write each commandment and then write down an illustration of what each commandment means.

3. Read the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6:9–13, and Luke 11:2–4. Define what sin is in each version of this prayer.

4. Read Proverbs 6:16 to 19. Make a list of the things God hates. Write this list down.

5. Read Romans 7:21. This verse talks about a law that is inside of us. It implies we know the difference between right and wrong. Write your own definition of what is right, or what it means to do right. Write your own definition of what is wrong, or what it means to do wrong.

6. Read James 4:17. Explain to the best of your ability what this verse means.

7. Do you believe you have ever sinned? List some ways that sin has had an affect on you personally, your family, and your community?

8. Lesson 11 will look at potential remedies for the results of sin.

Take time to look at the following study sheet and carefully work on each of the questions and tasks listed: Confirming the Faith: Sin.

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