Comments about the Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

CALL TO WORSHIP: Lord, each day it is easy to stumble. Lord each day you call us to yourself. Lord each day your word brings a richer understanding of grace and opportunity. Lord, please keep speaking. Amen


MUSIC: All Creatures of our God and King

The Lord be Magnified


MEDITATION:  Words. Comfort, communication, hope, fear, inspiration, motivation, direction, boundaries, and much much more are the results of words.

Years ago our high school was holding a fundraiser. It was a fifty mile walk. Money was pledged for every mile covered. I don’t remember how many people finished but I remember who was the first person to finish. It was our school librarian. He was interviewed for the school newspaper. In the interview he related how simple words enabled him to keep going, “take one step at a time.” “Keep taking one step at a time.”

The text is simple. There is a lamp to help find the way and light to give direction. Words open the way to movement and development of life. These words as found in scripture, in prayer, in song and in conversation with Godly people add comfort, communication, hope fear, inspiration, motivation, direction, boundaries and much more to our lives. Just as Isaac in his life story found guidance, he also nurtured his faith through his search for God’s word. Just as the Psalmist understood God’s word led to building Godly precepts the Psalmist also discovered a sense of salvation through experiencing these precepts in his life. The word was a lamp, the word was a light. The Apostle in writing to the Romans then declares that hearing the word leads to becoming spiritual, righteous people. It is more then a feel good experience. It becomes a living dynamic we experience. Matthew stays with the theme. Listen. To listen to the word becomes a nurturing development in our lives.

This meditation suggests there is a way of life and there is also a way of living. We are encouraged to know the Word of God.

BENEDICTION: Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart


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