Coached by Grace: So what is it?

As children growing up religion played an important part in both my mother’s and my father’s life. My mother had been raped as a child. Her mother died when she was young. My grand father struck out in anger, he ended up in prison for what he did to his daughter.

My mother began a difficult walk through life. She constantly ended up reaching out to people in the church for meaning. It was not uncommon for her to then sabotage that process.

My father, when he was young, lost his father in a tornado. My father’s mother and two of his sisters each turned to religion. The house became a war-zone of religious rhetoric. My father scoffed at what was happening and turned away. He joined the army, fought in WWII, contracted malaria and yellow fever. When he came home he could not make his life work. He married my mother. His drinking turned bad. He became abusive. He did a lot of “junk” and damaged his own children.

Coached by Grace, so what is it?

It is an attempt to say there is another way. It is an attempt to say that people outside a religious experience non-the-less have a valid self history.

It is an attempt to say that grace is operative in a way that religion does not always understand.

It is an attempt to say that religion non-the-less has words and a message that is relevant.

It is an attempt to nurture an environment respecting the process that creates an opportunity for dialogue from both sides.

It is about healing, redemption and direction. Ultimately it is about life. It is about a belief that each person has been given life and there is value in life.

In my own experience I have followed both my mother and my father in their search. One turned toward the church while the other found himself outside the church. Both of them ultimately led broken lives unable to reconcile themselves to a sense of destiny.

Coached by Grace will bring people together to discuss how grace is a gift. It is not an attempt to impose religious jargon. It will give credibility to how everyday living can bring fulfillment. Religious experience is not ignored. Each person’s search and quest for fulfillment is given credibility.

May God Bless you as you experience an environment of grace. Please take time to look at the Coached by Grace Contract.

If you have not had the opportunity to down load a free copy of the book The Back Door, an experiment or an alternative please feel free to do so.

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