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Each of the following contract and bonus forms are used to look at specific situations that people face. It is important to know that these different ways of contracting are the outgrowth of over 22 years of developing this process. The contract and bonus process began with only the use of a $15 bonus. The non-use of bonuses developed as people wanted to continue to use the contract and bonus process after their initial contracting time had been completed. To use this material or to receive training please use our contact form.

1. Contracts and Bonuses: The use of contracts and bonuses served multiple needs. People who were coming off the street needed legal money. People who were making donations needed to know their donation would be used appropriately and in a beneficial way. The marriage of the two concerns helped to resolve the potential conflict. The use of the bonus provided extra cash. The use of the contract provided accountability. The contract and bonus process has now inspired many others to use it.

2. Personal Coaching: Personal Coaching helps you to sort out life where it is today. Over a series of eight sessions; where you are now, where you are going and how to get where you are going process will be introduced. It’s not just personal, it’s a community approach that will help you to identify and build or rebuild bridges into your future.

3. Group Contracting: Group Contracting has arisen out of the desire by people who have completed Personal Contracting and still want to use the concept of contracting and bonuses to help them in their lives.

4. Family Counsel: Family Counsel helps you plan as a family to help create an open discussion. Over a series of sessions identified factors and values will open doors and build bridges toward a solid family process.

5. Education: Life is more than learning. It is living. It is a lifelong process that needs to be integrated into the goals and desires of every person. Educational Coaching helps to identify the starting point and the subsequent process to build on this point.

6. Community Building: The rules have changed. The world has changed. Funding for many of the basics is up in the air. How will you, how will your friends, how will your neighbors build community in a supportive way for everyone? Community Building identifies the gifts each person brings and opens doors for supportive ways to work together and meet the challenge.

7. Coached by Grace: For many, today’s world is alive with a sense of expectation and hope. For others, hope is needed to nurture expectations. Grace is needed to nurture hope. Grace then becomes a way to live. Grace invites others to join in. This contracting process intentionally encourages people to seek and identify Grace as it is actively a part of a closer walk with God.

8. Making Today Count: Road blocks happen, new directions are discovered and life takes on renewed meaning as you celebrate each day.

9. My Program: Life’s pressures cause people to bounce from one program to another. “MY PROGRAM” allows each person to build a life of accountability. This becomes a way to move away from addictions and the circles of life that foster addictions.

To inquire about training in the contracting and bonus model contact: Carl DeLine.

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