CHOICES, how many decisions go into making a choice?

1 Kings 18:20-21, (22-29), 30-39 and Psalm 96 • 1 Kings 8:22-23, 41-43 and Psalm 96:1-9 • Galatians 1:1-12 • Luke 7:1-10

Morning prayer: Do we say Almighty God or do we say Dear God? Do we bow before you as the great and awesome God or are we drawn to you as God who would hold us as the mother hen her chicks? Today is like all the others, we are invited to know you. Please reveal yourself. Bring us an awareness of each decision, refresh our memories of your faithfulness, allow us to understand clearly that life is about our decisions. As you have given us freedom in our choices may we be compelled by your love to walk with you. Amen.

No matter what the sound, choices are before us….

George Jones:
Francesca Battisteri:

CHOICES, how many decisions go into making a choice?

That is an interesting question, it was asked of me in a dream. A series of vignettes appeared. Each one brought me to a decision. Each decision brought me to a stedfast conclusion. Then I was simply confronted with, now then, what is your choice?

The prophet Elijah confronted the people of his day with that kind of question. Basically he is saying your future is in your own hands. The people were asked the question and there was no answer.

Perhaps there was an answer. Their silence brought them to a fork in the road. They were confronted not so much with a decision but a moment not to make a choice. Would they choose to follow God or the sectarian ways of those they loved? Would they choose to follow God or the lifestyles they had grown accustomed to? Would they choose to follow God or be those who would be served by the people of God? Over the years my own view of God’s people has gotten stronger. God so loved the world that God gave his people to serve, to save, to reveal how God loves. A mission a purpose so powerful that it became all consuming. The illustration stands before us. The sacrifice had been destroyed. There was no way it would be acceptable. The response of God is not based on how everything is just right. It is based on the desire of God to be God. There is a way. Ultimately we must make a choice. What is your choice?

The text brings us to Jesus talking to a centurion. He was being asked to make a decision and there was no hesitation.

The apostle didn’t hesitate. He marveled at how people, after experiencing what they had experienced, would fall away.

The Psalmist in tune with his spirit simply praises God. Solomon though he wrestled with his own humanity, understood with the greatness of his wisdom, it was time to stand before God and give God what was due.

It was time to make a choice. What will your choice be?

The Servant Song

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