Cash Transfer Programs

It is very hard to stay positive when a person looks at the last 100 years and the continual growth of income security programs, child welfare programs, and other programs created and targeted to eradicate poverty.

Now after more than 20 years of people using contracts with bonuses in all kinds of programs it is hard NOT to get excited or develop a very positive perspective about what is happening around the world.

At the time the contract and bonus process was created we suggested that there was an urgency to understand and implement this process. Today it can be seen that people around the world are using these types of concepts. From young people on the street to families surviving in desert environments cash incentives are working.

When society invests in people, people invest in society.

For centuries conservatives and liberals, capitalists and socialists, Democrats and Republicans have sparred, each declaring they will create the next utopian society. The right-hand takes away what the left-hand gives, and the left-hand takes away what the right-hand gives. People who were caught in these political squabbles become victimized by a broken political and economic system. I do not know how to say it any stronger, but our societies cannot continue to pretend that people cannot be a part of their own healing process that nurtures options. What is now known as the cash transfer program merely scratches the surface of the potential of investing in human capital. In the following blog entries I will attempt to trace what is being done to invest in people. When the contract and bonus process was created at The Back Door we were very clear about what was working and what was not working. The ongoing danger is/was that money would be used to manipulate people rather than to invest in people. That type of programming has only gone to enlarge an all ready out of control process.

Please follow with me, if you find information or come across stories, please submit this information to us. Our goal is to share with others to the benefit of those who need it the most.