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The cash transfer programs have become a very positive way to deal with empowering people to make positive strides in their lives. Once Mexico adopted this process many others came on board.

NEW YORK: In a September 2007 Work Bank Presentation an initiative using Cash Transfer Payments spearheaded by Mayor Bloomberg is presented in clear detail. This program created for New York highlights a detailed effort to bring a broad application to the social welfare system.

TURKEY: Another search turns up an effort in Turkey. As the Cash Transfer Program was being used it was refined into a CCT Program. Conditional Cash Transfer allows for program people to identify a specific use of the funds. A World Bank document states that in 2000 and 2001 the Turkish economy was hit by two economic crises that increased poverty and unemployment. At particular risk were poor families who might cut back on their expenses by keeping children out of school or reducing doctor visits. This would have had long-term effects, even after the crisis ended.

CHILE: The Cash distribution program in Chile is another illustration of a refined approach to the CCT. After a major flood the Red Cross was involved in helping people and families to set short term goals to give directives to overcoming a crisis.

The objective was to support the rehabilitation process and to contribute to early recovery activities by supplying monetary resources to 225 of the most vulnerable families affected by the flooding in the municipalities of Lincantén and Molina.

The following list gives a specific process to help people in Chile in using Cash Transfer Payments to help overcome a local tragedy:

Reinforce the economic security of the household;
Contribute to safe living conditions through drying and repair of houses;
Prevent the selling of assets to face the situation;
Avoid health related issues through improvement of sanitary conditions;
Allow for the restart of family-sized agricultural plots;
Alleviate the effects of lost wages combined with material losses;
Boosting of local economy.

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