An Overriding Thought: Lost and Confused

Good Morning, this is the Meditation for Sunday September 10, 2017 My name is Carl and I am being coached by Grace. It is the Grace of God that stands behind us, is to the right of us, to the left of us and opens doors before us. (if you are comfortable repeat this statement using your own name.)


An Overriding Thought: Lost and Confused




Exodus 12:1-14 and Psalm 149  •  Ezekiel 33:7-11 and Psalm 119:33-40  •  Romans 13:8-14  •  Matthew 18:15-20


PRAYER:  Using the term, the order of prayer. A C T S.


A= Lord I woke up this morning confused, what day is this? What season is this? My mind could not connect with what I would be working on. I felt like I was wandering, floating, drifting. Then as I began reading the story of Moses and Aaron you spoke to them. Tell the people this will be the first day of the month. Along with creating a calendar you also created  a celebration. It is a day to bring the lamb. It will be a day of feasting, remembering it is for us to recognize you seek to know us as your people. Thank you for seeking me out and delivering me from this confusion.


C= Lord I confess my confusion about the use of blood. The slaughter of people, people known as the enemy. Today we are facing massive tragedy

as the hurricanes and earthquakes do their “thing.” We watch as despots try to turn people away from you toward themselves. I confess again in my confusion I would want evil and evil ways destroyed. Let those who practice evil doing be destroyed.


T= Lord I recognize the Psalmist words that come more easily, praise, and thanksgiving echo through my mind. They are accompanied by laughter, smiles and your Spirit who turns me away from the pain and struggle of everyday living.


S= Lord the Prophet Ezekiel reminds us we are confronted with choices. We can choose to warn others about walking with you or away from you. Help me, help your people to be sensitive knowing as we warn others, we can together experience your deliverance. We can experience your joy.


Lord in the words of the Psalmist teach us, give us understanding, lead us to know, to walk in your commandments.Turn me to be faithful to your person that I may show others about you.


The Apostle Paul reminds us of your commands. Help me to remember them that I might experience your salvation.  Help me to walk in your ways that I may walk in your steps as Jesus has for it is a way of grace, it is a way to experience life and to give life.


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Love Divine all Love Excelling


Go forth and Tell! O Church of God Awake!


Meekness and Majesty


Meditation: An Overriding Thought: Lost and Confused


A young man had just spent a full month laying in a hospital bed. Awake, sleepy, sleeping. Not too coherent and on 160 mg of prednisone. Then he woke up. The doctor said “go home” and stay out of trouble. The young man went home. He started to feel restless. He decided to drive to the other side of town and go to his favorite bookstore. Joseph O Gara, a man as old as the City of Chicago itself seemed to have become a friend. They visited. The young man then left. Heading home he got to 69th and the Dan Ryan Expressway. He put his left blinker on. He turned on the way to get on the main expressway. Standing at the bottom of the hill was a Chicago Policeman. The young man knew the rumor Chicago Policemen were on a  quota system. He would very intentionally use his blinker to change lanes. Left, left, left. As many times as necessary he was telling the officer I will obey the law.


Within a few moments the officer jumped out in front of the young man’s moving car. The officer yelled out, PULL OVER! He then wrote the license plate number down, came to the window, asked for the driver’s license. The young man asked what he had done wrong. The issuing officer simply responded, I have to give you a ticket. Each time the young man asked the question the officer CLARIFIED I have to give you a ticket.


The court date finally came. A very long line of potential offenders was waiting to see the judge. The issuing officers for about 400 people were sitting in chairs facing the judge. The judge began his process. “Guilty or not guilty” the judge cried out. The offender yelled back “not guilty.” “GUILTY” the judge yelled. $75 the Judge yelled.  He went from one person to another. Every one was declared guilty. Then the person directly before  the young man was asked, guilty or not guilty. The man started to cry out “but I didn’t do anything.” The judge leaned forward and read off the ticket, illegal U turn. The man said but I turned around at the end of a cul-de-sac. GUILTY $475. AN ADDITIONAL $400 FOR WASTING THE COURT’S TIME!


There was a pause as the man was removed from court.


The young man was next. The judge screamed. GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY. The young man very nervously looked up not saying anything. Then it was as if the ceiling opened, a bright light shown through and a voice boomed out, OF WHAT CHARGE? Just as quickly as this happened the light disappeared and the voice was finished. The young man abruptly looked square in the judge’s eyes. The judge looked back and said, “the court is waiting young man.”


The young man with an even voice still looking into the judge’s eyes simple said, OF WHAT CHARGE?” By this time the issuing officers were leaning forward as if to start “projectile laughing.” Some had already dropped to their knees. Some were laughing so hard they could not be heard. The judge yelled out, guilty or not guilty. The young man yelled back, OF WHAT CHARGE?


The judge reaching over to the ticket read it out loud. The charge, LOST AND CONFUSED. No valid charge the judge said.


The young man walked out of court, license in hand. Not guilty. I think it is absolutely fascinating as Moses, Aaron and Paul all worked on the subject

of helping to define confusion. Jesus on the other hand talked about freedom to move on with life, experience forgiveness. He suggested confusion does not have to lead you or me.


I remember that story as if it were just yesterday. It has always given me the freedom to be free and not let others intimidate me. I never saw that judge or officer again as we soon moved to Canada and experienced the new life.

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