A Scary Moment…

It was a scary feeling: This wasn’t just any ordinary pair of pants. This was a new pair, indeed a new size. Twelve pounds–down, would it stay down? These new pants are a size smaller. Would they end up in the closet like so many others?

It was a strange feeling when the old pants started looking baggy and feeling too loose. “Obviously they had stretched,” came the first thought. “Can’t buy a good pair of pants anymore,” was the second. After three or four washings however they were still baggy.

Then another thought came. It seemed bizarre and not worth listening to. “Take out the scale.” The mind was full of thoughts on how impossible it could be. The pants really didn’t stretch out but the body got smaller. With fear and hesitation the scale was taken out of its hiding place and set on the floor. Then the ominous moment. The scale was stepped on, it began to register the weight, 12 pounds down. What had happened? Nothing had been done to try to lose weight. Schedules had changed, eating patterns had changed, and then there was a breathing machine that made it easier to sleep. Which of these variables had become the miracle worker that had deleted 12 pounds?

After a day or two the scale was pulled back out and tested. It said the same thing. Twelve pounds “gone.”

Could it happen again? Better not buy a new pair pants yet. Who knows maybe next time two sizes will disappear. 🙂

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