A Peaceful Moment

The scale was in front of me. I had four pounds to go, four days to go. The goal was to celebrate my birthday on the 30th day of August by dropping 30 pounds. It is not like I hadn’t done this before. I had done this process a number of times. This time however I knew I would be on prednisone for the rest of my life. With prednisone came the difficulty of controlling my weight. Coupled with what seemed like the unsurmountable odds of medication, illness, genetic tendencies and whatever other thoughts I could comfortably fill my mind with I began the voyage into weight loss. Tonight on the eve of this juncture I live with a different reality. I am away from home where my scale is. I will not know if I have reached the goal. Yet, a quiet peacefulness has overtaken me. I have achieved something greater than weight loss. I have made changes to how I live each day. I have decided that I can continue this effort as a new goal is created. For the last twelve months I have lived with a quiet pursuit. Without knowing it I suddenly realized a new resolve. My life is “my program.” Only I can live it.  May God bless you as you discover what it is that allows you to live each day.

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